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How do stockings match school uniforms?

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When it comes to loli, many people have the impression that these children are elementary school or junior high school students. In fact, for young girls, they can also make themselves several years younger through beautiful clothes, so that they can return to the loli period. Young girls can enhance their sense of beauty by turning themselves into a loli, especially the sense of youthful vitality. So how should young girls dress and make themselves a beautiful loli? In fact, it is very simple to become a loli. There are three typical types of clothing that can make a girl become a loli. They are college style JK uniforms, knee high stockings and leather shoes. Of course,there is no doubt that in terms of temperament, short girls have a sense of loli.



7-1-black and white striped knee high socks

College style uniforms


College style uniforms are clothes that can make girls feel youthful and energetic. It can also make them many years younger. After wearing it, they will become naive and lively young girls. Therefore, if you want to become a loli, college style JK uniform is an indispensable dress. Among the types of college-style JK uniforms, blue and white or red and white are the most beautiful. When wearing college-style JK uniforms, it is best to wear a pair of knee high school socks with bows so as to enhance the youthful vitality and look more fashionable.



7-2-argyle knee high socks

Knee high stockings and leather shoes


In order to become a beautiful loli, knee high stockings are indispensable. There are many different knids of long socks for women. In fact, most of the types of knee high socks represent sexy, such as lace knee high socks and fishnet high socks.If people choose sexy knee high socks to match with high heels, it will enhance the sexy of the legs, but there are also drawbacks. From a visual point of view, the matching of stockings and high heels is very unsuitable,just like eating steak with chopsticks, which looks very strange.


As a matter of fact, if girls want a campus style, knee high stockings and leather shoes are the best match. The two are a natural pair. We usually believe that most of the leather shoes are designed for men, and the stockings are also sexy and beautiful, but the combination of leather shoes and stockings not only makes the girls more beautiful, but also enhances the innocence of loli, which make them look cute and energetic. This is more in line with the campus style. There are various choices of knee length socks for girls. They can simply choose a pair of black and white striped knee high socks and some special plain long socks, such as maroon knee high socks or royal blue knee high socks. Don’t choose too complicated patterns like argyle knee high socks, it will make them look very messy overall. The easiest way is to wear school uniform knee high socks with leather shoes.


In addition to dressing and matching, it is also important to pay attention to the hairstyle. Among the types of hairstyles, ponytails are the best one. Therefore, when wearing beautiful college-style clothing with stockings and leather shoes, girls had better to keep a long and beautiful ponytail.