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How do knee high stockings match clothes?

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Socks over knee were first introduced in some animations or Japanese TV series. Nowadays, knee high stockings are becoming more and more popular and there are more and more styles, such as knee high wool socks,cotton knee high socks and so on. So how should over the knee socks match clothes? Let me share with you the experience of matching stockings.



5-1 black knee length socks

Knee high stockings with sweaters


Knee high stockings are paired with a long sweater. Long sweaters dont look good with trousers. And it is embarrassing to be barefoot, so we usually wear a pair of leggings or over-the-knee boots. But in fact, knee socks with sweaters are very fashionable,too. Also, this looks very youthful and energetic. The match makes you cool.



Knee high stockings with pleated skirts or hip skirts


Knee high stockings with pleated skirts or hip skirts. Pleated skirt with white shirt and then paired with a pair of knee socks, giving people a feeling of Japanese cute girls , which is suitable for lovely girls. When royal sister wears, it will have a better aura because the clothing will make your legs look longer. Pleated skirt with white shirt and then paired with knee socks can be said to be very versatile, everyone can try it all.



Knee high stockings with uniform skirts


Knee high stockings with uniform skirts. Wearing clothes similar to Japanese uniforms looks good with Japanese fashion knee high socks. They look very stylish. Generally these uniforms are tall and thin, and can be worn if they are tall, short, fat and thin.



Stockings for men


Stockings are not only designed for girls. Now there are some long socks for boys. For boys, can stockings not only add highlights to the look, but also a secret weapon to attract girls. As long as you wear a pair of mens knee socks in the heavy and dark autumn and winter outfits, you can immediately show your taste in outfits and attract the attention of girls.



5-2 mustard knee high socks

Plain knee high socks for men


If you are still a novice in dressing, plain knee high socks can be said to be an entry-level model for you to practice socks.


If you want a casual outfit that you can style for any season, go with a pair of black knee length socks or white knee length socks.


If you want to look fashionable, pair jeans with a white shirt, dark blue dot knit vest and bow tie to add a bit of playfulness, smartly paired with mustard knee high socks to create eye-catching highlights.



Knee high scoks with simple color


You can choose socks with simple color matching such as stripes and rhombus patterns to show your personality and fun. For example, the dark blue suit jacket on the khaki casual pants is a very special style to wear, and the polka-dot socks and high boots are more interesting. In addition, you can use red and white stockings to make simple and frivolous wear instantly playful and cute.


If you have strong collocation skills, you might as well take a challenge to look at unique socks such as complex patterns or multi-color stitching! But remember a small point. When there are many colors in the socks, try to use plain colors as the main color for pants and shoes to avoid dazzling people.