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How do celebrities wear socks in fashion?

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The celebrity world is full of colorful fashion, and clever celebrities express themselves through various smart clothes from head to toe. Just as shoes and their designers have swept the world, socks should also stand firm on the fashion stage and occupy their proper place. Many celebrities have realized the huge potential of fashionable socks. Let's take a look at how celebrities wear socks.



93-1 fashionable socks

Grand Ariana

This popular princess knows how to make socks look eye-catching with her iconic knee high socks, cute two-piece costume and high ponytail. Longer socks add a sense of fashion to the showgirl’s concert costumes, and attract people’s attention with their cheerful, bright colors. Away from the spotlight, she also posted a photo of herself on Instagram, wearing white ankle socks and super casual shoes.


Taylor Swift

Singer/songwriter superstar Taylor Swift caused a sensation last year when she was photographed wearing high heels and high heels sock, making this unlikely combination look weird and cute. Never be afraid to try socks!


Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian (Rob Kardashian) is America's favorite reality TV show model, she loves socks very much, so she founded her own socks brand Arthur George. Rob's company was founded in 2012, and its socks are printed with interesting phrases to inspire the wearer, such as "Keep Calm" and "YOLO".



Rihanna unexpectedly put on casual matching white ankle socks and black sliders, paired with ripped jeans and a casual short turtleneck sweater. The beauty of choosing a backless slider is that you can truly show the world your socks style.


Snoopy Doug

When you think of Snoop Dogg, socks may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but the American rapper loves comfortable foot covers so much that he also created his own fashion collection of socks. Mr. Dogg collaborated with Happy Socks, the design is both fun and perfect, and can be worn when "rolling" on the street.


93-2 ankle length socks

Alan DeGeneres

The popular chat show host has become synonymous with the fashionable socks she often wears during performances. These socks are brightly colored and have eye-catching designs. In fact, she joined the ranks of celebrities who started selling their socks by introducing several styles to their clothing line (Ed by Ellen).


Prince Harry

As a well-known supporter of many charities, this fashionable royal member put on a pair of neon striped socks when visiting the England rugby team during the Down Syndrome campaign in 2015 to commemorate World Down Syndrome Day to improve People's understanding of the activities of its strange socks day.


Jessica Simpson

Take a leaf from Jessica's book and put on knee-high tube socks to go to the gym to make the clothes look vintage and can also provide practical support for your legs during exercise. The actress competed with the bunny in the gym with pure white T-shirts and sports shorts, striving to combat the perfect motivation of the gym.



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