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How different people choose knee high stockings?

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Knee high stockings are very fashionable and popular styles on the street. Nowadays, there are various kinds of knee socks for women, such as womens cotton knee high socks, women's cable knit knee socks and many other materials. Because of this, they have a certain warmth, and at the same time can add a stylish, layered look to girls' legs. So, how should students, white-collar workers, sales staff and other ladies choose stockings? When choosing stockings, pretty girls should follow the combinations.


6-1 lace knee high socks


According to the color of the shoes


It is easiest to choose stockings of the same color for each pair of shoes. The colors of socks and shoes are mixed together to create the feel of socks and boots. Black knee high socks and white knee high socks are the most classic and practical socks. If the clothing is particularly young for girls, socks can be selected with a certain degree of transparency, especially white semi-permeable yarn socks. The romantic feelings of young girls will be stronger, matching the temperament and atmosphere created by the clothes. However, if the choice of clothing is quite dark, then semi-permeable black fishnet knee high socks or lace knee high socks are the finishing touches that can add to this style.



 According to the color of the clothes


In addition to choosing according to the color of shoes, you can also choose according to the mainstream colors of today's clothing. For example, when pink is widely used in today's clothing, you can match a pair of pink knee high socks. The colors of the clothes echo each other. If the upper body color is more classic, or if there is no eye-catching fashion sense, you can match it with silk knee high socks. The classic black and white asymmetry is also two points, which can add points to the overall fashion.



6-2 womens cotton knee high socks

According to the style of clothing


There is a kind of socks with obvious temperament characteristics in high socks, that is, there are two circles on the edge of the high socks, which feels like the high-rise socks on a lace football field. Therefore, the style of the sports academy is particularly obvious. When it is used to match pleated skirts with the same academic style, it is particularly obvious that it is indeed a girl. There is an inexplicable campus style that has youthful vitality for girls. Finally, if you play Lolita, pink, black and white socks are all necessary for girls who like Lolita. Besides solid colors, you should prepare a variety of laces and prints to match different skirts.


People who stand for a long time have more or less symptoms of varicose veins of the lower limbs, but the severity is different. Therefore, the best way is to take preventive measures before the symptoms become obvious. Wearing elastic stockings is a great way to help blood enter larger and deeper veins. During the long-distance travel of the plane, due to insufficient leg movement, the blood circulation is not smooth, which greatly increases the risk of thrombosis. If you wear elastic stockings and exercise properly on an airplane, the risk of thrombosis will be greatly reduced. Moreover, women can also wear stockings to beautify their legs and make them smooth and delicate.