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Have you ever learned about your socks?

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I believe that most people know about wearing low cut sock, but they don't really know about socks. Don't worry, just read the following article.


52-1-lightweight walking socks

1. Type

Socks are one of the big categories of bai weft knitted fabrics, including knee high sock, middle socks, best crew socks and winter tights. Women’s knee high socks go up to the legs, the length of which is 74 ~ 84 cm; Middle socks reach below the knee, men's socks are 42 ~ 45 cm long, women's socks are 38 ~ 40 cm long; Best crew socks, also known as stockings, mens quarter socks 17.5 ~ 23.5cm long, women's quarter socks 16.5 ~ 20cm long. Pantyhose, also known as ballet socks, are first woven on a hosiery machine into long stockings and underpants stockings, and then sewn into pantyhose.


2. Structure

Namely, structural socks are composed of 3 parts: the top, the stocking and the stocking foot. The hosiery foot includes hosiery heel, stocking sole, hosiery back and hosiery head. The function of the sock top is to keep the edge of the sock from coming loose and stick to the leg. There are five main parameters of socks: sock number, sole length, total length, mouth length and heel height.


3. Specification

The specification of socks, depends on socks with the actual length and size of the socks as the standard, so when they know their feet long after they can choose a suitable socks. However, due to the use of socks with different ingredients, its socks in the series are also different. Stretch nylon socks are of the first gear with a length difference of 2 cm. The socks series of cotton yarn stockings, polyamide silk socks, blended socks, etc., have a difference of 1 cm for the first gear.


52-2-middleweight walking socks

4. Quality

The quality can be summarize 6 words: tight, loose, big, light, neat, and clear. That is, socks top and stocking bottom should loose, stocking heel should big, socks surface should smooth.


5. Specific choices of different wearers

The person of sweat foot should choose wool ankle socks and cotton ankle socks which absorb wet; the person with dry crack foot should choose polypropylene fiber socks and nylon ankle socks; the person with short feet should choose buy thin no see socks to match the heel and no show socks for heels should be thinner.


There are four kinds of socks to choose:

1. Liners

Liners are very thin, and those socks with thin hairlines are used to press down to the feet. Lining hosiery removes sweat from the foot by capillarity so that it can keep the foot dry and comfortable. 


2. Lightweight walking socks

They are designed for leisurely trips in warm weather, lightweight walking socks can be worn in warm climates. But their thickness is limited so they can only stay comfortable on a hot day trip. Most lightweight hiking socks are made of sweat material, and it doesn't matter if you wear them with or without lined socks.


3. Middleweight walking socks

These socks are designed to provide reliable comfort and insulation in cold climates.They are thicker and warmer than lightweight hiking socks. Most are thickened for maximum comfort in areas such as heels and soles that are prone to wear and tear. This kind of socks should be worn with socks lining.


4. Hiking socks

Hiking socks are the thickest, warmest and softest of these socks. They were designed for long marches and cold temperatures. Hiking socks are generally too thick and too hot for low-difficulty hiking in warm climates.


To sum up, the socks you wear mean a lot to your life. Socks need to be as fit and comfortable as your shoes, so when you choose your socks, you must be carefully select to match the variety of situations you can expect.