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Fashion matching of men's dress socks

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For many men, socks are an afterthought. They will wear any available old-style pair, as long as they match a part of the costume. This attitude comes from an era when dress socks offered fewer choices in color and style. Today's socks production line can provide almost all imaginable colors and patterns sock. How should we match men's socks in fashion?



90-1 imaginable sock


Five basic fashion tips for men's dress socks


1. Mix it up. If you have taken bold steps and added bright colors to your custom dress socks, don’t just use one style. Wear a diamond one day, a stripe the next day, and maybe a solid and vivid color, such as pink or purple, at the end of the week. As well as unique patterns and unusual color combinations.


2. Does not match. As early as when socks were strictly utilitarian and were hardly regarded as fashion statements, they would only be integrated with other clothing. That has changed. Socks are now as important as belts, watches, ties or pocket squares. Therefore, do not hide the mens fluffy socks by making the socks the same color as the shoes or pants.

Instead, let your socks supplement your color difference. Match them with the above attachments. Find a secondary color on the socks that matches the stripes on the shirt or the pattern on the tie. Choose colors and patterns that contrast with pants and shoes.



3. Length is very important. The skin can be exposed by wearing casual clothes. But when you dress up and put on a pair of high-powered socks, the last thing you want people to see is bare legs. They are distracted and clash with those cool socks. Therefore, for dressing, the length of the custom dress socks should be at least the middle calf.

At the same time, you don't want to hide those socks. They should stand out in a good way when you sit down. Therefore, wear pants of appropriate length. The time is not long, so that they always cover your socks. The choice of knee length socks, fishnet ankle socks, and low ankle socks depends on the occasion you are attending.



90-2 mens socks

4. Brighten up the match. It is easier to understand the brightening collocation. The so-called brightening means to brighten the overall collocation to avoid too dull. If the colors of clothes, pants, and shoes are all darker, you can use bright-toned socks to brighten up the match and break the dullness.

The color of the socks here does not need to be pure white. It can also be other color styles, such as striped design socks. As long as the color of the socks is brighter than other items, it can be matched.



5. Rich match. Rich collocation is aimed at the problem of the elements contained in the overall collocation. If the elements contained in the overall collocation are too single to avoid looking too monotonous and boring, we can enrich the overall shape with custom cozy socks with personality or richer designs. Make the match more attractive. For example, a pure white collocation is relatively simple, so socks can come in handy.

Here we can choose more colorful styles of socks, or choose individual or fancy styles. As long as we can enrich the overall match and break the sense of singularity, you are the one who will match.



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