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Do You Know How to Match Socks?

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Socks are essential for daily wear, such as home socks and knee high socks. So how much do you know about socks? The following is the knowledge related to socks, lets take a look.


56-1.5 finger socks

Do not wear leather shoes with white socks


A common mistake in daily life is: when a man is sitting, a piece of white crew socks is exposed from between his trousers and leather shoes. This disharmony is caused by the confusion of formal wear and casual socks. Comply with dress etiquette. Because white socks and light colored cotton socks are only suitable for sports and leisure. So if you are not wearing sneakers, please don't use white socks to match your shoes of any color!


Men's socks match well


The color of men's socks should be a basic neutral color and darker than the color of trousers. The color of men's crew socks is the most fashionable and simple way to match the suit. If the suit is gray, you can choose gray socks, and light-colored western suits with darker brown or brown socks. White and light-colored cotton socks should be used with casual-style clothes and casual shoes.


56-2.knee high sock

How often should I change my socks?


Under normal circumstances, experts recommend that a pair of warm house socks should not be worn continuously for more than 3 days. If conditions permit, it is recommended that you change it every day to keep your feet dry. This not only can effectively avoid foot diseases, but also help extend the life of the socks.


The life span of a pair of socks is about 3 months. Socks that are more than 3 months old, even if they are not broken, it is recommended that you do not wear them again. Some bacteria will grow on the socks that are worn for a long time, and there is no way to completely remove them by ordinary washing.


Socks washing tips


1. Socks should not be washed together with underwear to avoid cross-infection caused by athlete's foot.


2. Add a little vinegar when washing the no show socks, which has the effect of deodorization and sterilization.


3. Do not use 84 disinfectant to wash cotton ankle socks, so as not to reduce the life of the socks.


4. When washing socks in a washing machine, first tie up the socks with a rubber sieve to prevent the elasticity of the socks.


5. When drying 5 finger socks, remember to put the socks up and the toe down.


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