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Do You Know How to Knit Socks?

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It's admirable to knit cozy ankle socks yourself. If you've never knitted socks, you can choose to weave them on a loom. Or, if you have more experience, use a pair of circular knitting needles.


75-1-Straight needles

Method 1:Weaving Socks on A Loom

1. Attach a knot to your loom anchor. It uses the small nails on the side of the loom to wrap the yarn around the index finger and the middle finger twice to form a loose knot. Then, pull the first coil onto the second coil and pull the end of the yarn to tighten it. That's how you start making the first ring of socks.Please make sure the loom you buy is used to make socks. There are many different sizes of gloves that they can be made into.


2. Wrap the yarn around each nail of the loom once and repeat again. Next, the casting is started by winding the yarn around each peg once. The yarn is first wrapped around each nail from the inside of the loom, then around the nail towards the outside of the loom, back to the center, and then to the next nail. Repeat for each nail on the loom.


3. wrap the yarn around each nail again and repeat. And please repeat the same process.


4. Lift the bottom Terry up and over the top loop and repeat the process. Insert the end of the hook into the bottom coil of the first nail in the loom, then lift the yarn up and over the top coil and away from the nail. Repeat for each nail in each turn.


5. Wrap the yarn on each nail once and lift each coil up and repeat again. Repeat the process for each nail on the loom. Then, lift the bottom ring up and over the top ring of each hook. Repeat 10 lines in total. At this time, the top of the knitted socks has begun to take shape.


6. Pin the first row of pins onto the nail. If you want to create cuffs for socks, make the bottom of the fabric go through the center of the loom. Then, with your fingers and the hook of the loom, open the needle from the first circle and put it on the nail. Continue to place one pin on each nail until there are a total of two pins on each nail.


You need to make sure that the stitches you put on the nails are the same as the stitches that were woven into these nails. Please check that the number of rows is even.


7. Lift the bottom ring onto the top ring and repeat.


8. Wrap the yarn around each nail once and repeat again.


9. Knit and repeat until the foot of the sock reaches the desired length. You can measure the length of the knitting according to the existing socks, or you can check the length by passing your feet through the home socks on the loom.


10. If the length is sufficient, thread the end of the yarn through the yarn eye and repeat until all coils are on the yarn bundle and leave the loom.


75-2-Knitted socks

Method 2: Two Straight Needles Were Used

1. Wrap the yarn around the index and middle fingers twice. Pull the first loop to the second. Slide the ring out of your finger and hold it on the 2 knitting needles.

2. Please keep sewing 36 stitches. This will help make sure the suitable socks are big enough to fit your feet.


3. Please use rib stitch. It makes the top of your sock elastic and helps keep it in place.


4. Weave until the socks reach the required length. For example, you can make ankle socks, knee socks, etc.


5. After binding the last line, sew the seam to close the toe and the side of the fluffy socks.