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Do I have to wash my socks every day?

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Who should wash their socks in time?


Normal feet need to change low ankle socks no more than one day. In this case, normal feet means without beriberi and do not sweat. Although these feet are normal and healthy, bacteria can easily grow in the closed shoe space during the course of the day. In addition, slight sweat on the feet can result in bacteria's multiplying and breeding. Therefore, even if the ankle cut socks are very clean and fresh at the end of the day, there are still many bacteria that cannot be seen by the naked eyes.


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Those people with beriberi and sweat feet had better change socks half a day. Beriberi is caused by fungi, which grow more brazen in humid, muggy conditions. Even without beriberi, sweaty feet can breed bacteria, and if your body's resistance drops, they can also cause fungal infections. So people who has beriberi had better change the no show dress socks half a day as well as changing shoes frequently. 


Sports ankle socks must be changed in time after exercise. The sole of foot, actually all are sweat, so they should change short ankle socks in time. If you don't change your no show ankle socks timely after they get wet, you will be very easy to have a cold. 


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How to clean cool cotton socks?

Firstly, if it is ordinary cotton socks, it can be put in the clear water soak for a period of time, then use some detergent, pour on the hot water to rub. For socks made of fiber materials, the structure of the fiber itself can absorb some harmful substances in life without those unpleasant smells. In the meantime, the sock of fibrous material still has cleaning function. If you stick some grease on it, it will separate at the sight of water. Therefore, such socks do not need to be cleaned with detergent.


In addition, for silk socks and nylon socks, because the thickness of these two kinds of socks are very thin, so when we clean, we should place in 40 degrees below the soapy water. If you rub it hard, you will tear it easily. For wool blend crew socks, when cleaning, you need to use a neutral soap solution to clean: firstly put the wool socks in the neutral soap solution soaked, and then take out the hand gently scrub can be cleaned. 


Finally, let’s talk about the cleaning of white socks. If the white socks crew  turns yellow, rub the under ankle socks in clean water for more than fifteen minutes without putting any detergent. And then wring out, apply toothpaste or bake soda to stained areas. Next let’s wait in a few minutes, you can easily wash the dirt off.


These tips are as above, so you just give them a try. Do you find it useful?