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Can sleeping on wet socks cure the common cold?

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There are many alternative ideas that can be used to treat minor diseases, such as wearing wet thick house socks to sleep to cure the common cold. is this real? Is there any scientific basis and practical proof for this statement? Let us look at it together.


81-2 fine socks


Ways to cure a cold with wet socks

It is recommended to heat your feet in a bowl of warm water, and then put a pair of fine socks in cold water until they are soaked. This pair is best made of 100% cotton. Wring the socks dry and place them on the wet feet. Add a pair of external dry socks and go to bed.


The outer socks should be 100% wool socks, which should be pulled directly onto the feet over the damp socks to prevent the sheets from getting wet and to prevent the feet from sticking to the sheets when walking. Repeat this for three consecutive nights, and then check how you feel. Obviously, as your cold symptoms begin to disappear, you will begin to feel a noticeable difference. Keep your feet covered with sheets, blankets or duvets all night for best results.



The principle of wearing wet socks to cure a cold

Wearing wet cosy home socks helps to absorb blood to the feet, thereby promoting blood circulation, and helps to clear the congestion of the upper airways around the nose, head and throat. These can strengthen your immune system and help your body resist viruses or infections that attack you and cause you to die from the common cold.


As the water in the five finger socks dries and the body temperature starts to rise again, the blood vessels swell again to help the blood drain out of the nasal cavity. When your body responds to temperature changes, it stimulates your circulatory system and lymphatic system. This will also help reduce blockages, because your body will drain excess fluid more easily.


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What are the benefits of wearing wet socks to sleep

As mentioned above, wearing wet ankle length socks on the bed can help keep your feet cool, which can really help you feel fresh and cool on a sultry night or when the sheets are particularly heavy. This is a very cost-effective way to deal with colds, because you only need two pairs of socks and some hot and cold water. You should not be allergic to this therapy or suffer from any unpleasant side effects, and when the weather feels uncomfortable, your entire body will usually benefit from a gentler, more comprehensive approach to self-repair and self-care.


In addition, the low temperature of wet fishnet ankle socks will help to constrict blood vessels, which will then expand when your feet warm up and the socks dry. This change in temperature can stimulate various body functions, including the circulatory and lymphatic system, and they can all benefit greatly from this enhancement. Therefore, wearing socks to sleep like this can not only help cure a cold, but also keep your body healthy during the cold winter and more vulnerable periods of the year.



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