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Can We Wear Compression Socks While Sleeping?

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Generally, low cut compression socks are used to eliminate or reduce discomfort in the lower body. However, effective compression socks are quite helpful for overall health. Compression socks are specifically designed to improve blood flow because they put pressure on calves. These socks also help with varicose veins and possible blood clots, and prevent swelling of lower body.



79-low cut compression socks

Benefits of Compression Socks

Ankle compression socks for running can reduce muscle pain caused by running. Compression stockings can reduce muscle tremor to a certain extent by giving muscle support to relieve pain. Wearing compression stockings after exercise can help to remove metabolic waste by accelerating blood flow, and timely introduce the substances needed for muscle repair and reconstruction, which can accelerate the recovery from fatigue after running.



Wearing Time of Compression Socks

Under normal circumstances, the standard time to wear low cut compression running socks is to put on before getting up in the morning and take off before going to bed at night, because the body is relaxed when you go to bed at night. Wearing knee high compression socks at this time is not good for blood return. Compression stockings cannot be worn 24 hours a day. Generally, we can wear them for 8-10 hours a day, especially at night, we have to take them off. Wearing compression stockings to fall asleep may hinder the normal circulation of blood, resulting in general discomfort symptoms, such as rapid heartbeat and difficulty breathing.


However, patients with varicose veins can wear elastic stockings at night. However, it is necessary to decide whether to wear compression knee highs plus size at night according to the different conditions of the patient. If the patient is within a week after the operation, it is necessary to wear elastic stockings at night. Because wearing elastic stockings can promote blood circulation, reduce the patient's postoperative symptoms, and benefit the patient's recovery. Therefore, they should wear no show compression socks during the day and night. After a week, they can wear it during the day and take it off at night.


If there is patient who didn’t undergone surgery, however, the patient’s symptoms are serious, with ulcers that are difficult to heal, and the patient does not want surgery. Such patients also need to wear high compression leggings at night. Because such patients must undergo three therapy methods, including pressure therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes to promote ulcer healing and reduce complications caused by varicose veins. It is very necessary to wear compression tights for varicose veins for 24 hours for them. Because venous hypertension has a certain corrosive effect on the skin, long-term non-healing ulcers will cause certain psychological and physical obstacles to the patient. Only pressure treatment can promote the healing of ulcers, so wearing elastic stockings at night is necessary.



79-compression knee highs plus size

In general, for healthy people, we don't need to wear high waisted compression leggings at night. If you really want to wear it, it is best to choose compression stockings with lower pressure to avoid affecting blood return. But for patients with varicose veins, they should follow the doctor's instructions to wear compression stockings at night. If you want to buy compression running leggings, we recommend Cmax Socks. Cmax Socks is a professional custom and wholesale socks company, they have a variety of beautiful and practical socks.