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Can I sleep with socks at night?

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Many people are prone to cold hands and feet, especially in winter. They always feel that their feet are cold when they sleep. People would think that wearing socks at home to sleep can keep warm. That would be great. But there are also many people who think that wearing thick house socks to sleep is not good, and they feel very awkward physically. In addition, wearing socks to sleep is not conducive to blood circulation, so it is recommended that you do not wear socks to sleep. So which of these two views is correct? Let's take a look.


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Why do people wear socks?


Wearing low ankle socks is very practical. Socks have a certain protective effect on the feet, and can keep warm. Wearing ankle length socks has a decorative effect and can match clothes to make you look better. Wearing socks is still a fashion, which can make people look popular.


When did humans wear socks?


Before the socks we wear today, people have been using leggings in a broad sense. This can be traced back to ancient Egypt when the leather leg straps and socks-like attire sewn with hemp or woolen fabric. The ladies decorated their ankles with delicate shoes, which appeared and disappeared under the beautiful skirts.


Can people wear socks in sleep?


It's better to take off your socks when you sleep. First of all, taking off your cosy home socks and going to bed will relax your feet, so that blood circulation will be smoother and fatigue will be easier to eliminate. Second, take off your winter socks for home to sleep at night to maintain hygiene. Because the material of the socks can easily absorb dust, wearing socks to sleep will make the bedding stained with dust and some bacteria. But if you wear the best clean warm house socks, it will not cause much harm for you. So if you feel very cold at home, you can sleep with comfy house socks.


Why babies should wear socks for when in sleep?


Little babies can’t walk, so they wear socks instead of shoes. Here are three reasons.


1. The baby's body temperature regulation function is not yet mature, the heat production capacity is small, but the heat dissipation capacity is large, and the body surface area is relatively large, which makes it easier to dissipate heat. When the ambient temperature is slightly lower, the baby's peripheral loops will not be good, and it will be cool to touch his feet. If you put on the baby socks, it can keep warm.


2. As a baby grows in months, his abilities have grown a lot, especially the lower limb activities. It can be said that as long as it is not bedtime, he is always active. This increases the chance of damaging the skin and toes. Some children even wear out the skin of the heel, so wearing baby blue ankle socks can reduce the occurrence of these injuries.


3. There are more and more opportunities for the skin of babies to contact the external environment. Some dirty things such as dust and other harmful substances can invade the body through the delicate skin of children, increasing the chance of infection. Wearing socks can be clean and hygienic. It can also prevent mosquitoes from biting mosquitoes.


Therefore, people can sleep with socks, as long as your socks are clean. And  its important for baby to wear a pair of warm sock.