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Autumn and Winter Tights Matching Guide

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Here are some matching tips about girl tights, I hope they will be useful to you.



The choice of grey tights


As the weather grew colder and colder, our clothes became thicker and thicker. However, there are still fashion bloggers who show their ankles in the cold weather. Although it does make people look thinner and more beautiful to show their ankles when wearing skirts or trousers, people will feel very cold if they do so. Expose ankle for a long time, the body is also easy to be in sub-health, so even with thick or bent legs, people who are afraid of the cold still wear thick black tights. Well, here's the thing. Black tights keep people warm, but they will sometimes like coloured tights and rainbow tights seem cheap and low. 

Most people may zconsider black tights as a kind of fashion tights , but in fact, black tights are not the most versatile item to wear in the fall and winter. Why? For example, you have a pink or white skirt, or other light color skirt, need a pair of worm tights like cotton tights to match. If you wear black tights, your fresh, elegant look will be tarnished by them, and if you don't have a great figure and good appearance, they can make you look low. So, what color tights are the most versatile? The answer is grey. Grey is in the transition zone between black and white, and it is a neutral color. It can connect with both dark colors and light colors, so the most versatile color is it. Black tights are not the best tights for autumn and winter, but grey tights. We all know that grey is the collective name of countless different shades of grey. According to the height of autumn and winter tights matching rate, I suggest that you always have these four colors of clothing: black, dark grey, medium grey, light grey.


Some tights have problems with deformation, holes, pilling, static electricity, etc. Sometimes it's not because of the quality, it's because you don't know what they're made of. Common tights include nylon, cotton, spandex, wool, dacron and other materials.


Cotton and wool: They are soft and warm and have good hygroscopicity. The disadvantage of tights with high cotton content is easy to be torn and deformed, and tights with high wool content is easy to pilling.


Man - made fibers: It is wear - resistant, elastic, pilling resistant, quick drying.


It is recommended to choose 60-70 natural fibers and 30-40 man-made fibers.



15.girl tights

Matching ideas of grey tights


1. When people wear dark clothing will give others a depressing feeling, with dark grey tights to match can weaken the sense of massiness.


When a large area of the clothing is covered by dark color, you can choose dark grey tights instead of black tights or skin tights, such as medium length black coat + dark grey knee skirt. In terms of match, dark grey tights will be more refreshing in vision than black tights.


15.grey tights

 2. When wearing design-y and hierarchical clothing, people can choose black or grey tights to match.


The interior of autumn winter coat is brunet mostly. When the clothes are simply piled up, it will give people a dull feeling. If some elements with design sense and layering sense are incorporated, it will not seem so monotonous and boring, such as the contrast color of the neckline, scarf accessories embellishment.


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