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4 Stylish and Slimming Outfits

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If you want to look fashionable and slim in the chilly autumn and winter, don't miss tights, a practical item that can provide warmth while creating a variety of styles. However, the color choice of socks is very important in dressing, because it is responsible for the whole leg, the choice of color should serve as a connecting link between the preceding and the following and play a well transitional role,which  will make your outfit half the battle. Below,we share four color combinations of leggings and tights with shoes, hoping to help you.


18.light grey tights

The first group:light grey tights + beige shoes


The color of leggings and tights, not only affect the complete set of outfits whether is harmonious and natural ,but also related to the shape of our legs. Therefore, we should be cautious when select those skin colored tights, which will easily make your legs look hairchested and is difficultly in matching clothes. Here we recommend the first group of colors: light grey tights + beige shoes, light color series product combination, is not easy to make mistakes  and looks more comfortable and generous.


Most slightly mature women like light color outfits which can make themselves appear younger, and light grey tights is fresh and clean, especially easy to match, basically can help you solve most of the light color jacket outfit problem. particularly now popular with a little bit  of Gray Morandi style, with light gray tights is the most appropriate,as well as a pair of beige shoes on the feet,easily dress for a sense of high fashion.


Group 2: dark grey tights + black/dark grey shoes


Young girls tights can be light gray color while tights for women can be dark gray color. Many stars recommend this kind of color, which is low-key and restrained, composed and generous, and match a pair of black/dark gray shoes on the feet, which is very elegant.


Although it is gray black knee high socks with black shoes or dark gray shoes, combine  with bright color jacket  is still very interesting, a bright and dark color way, bring a strong visual impact, graceful and generous also versatile practical, show you no vulgar taste.


18.dark grey tights

Group 3: light brown tights + black/brown shoes


Brown snug tights give people a feeling of high quality. The body effect is warm and comfortable, intellectual and artistic, which is the best tights to wear with dress. Choose the light brown tights that is closest to skin color, namely  skin coloured tights, appear particularly natural on the vision when combination with other color, also best control top tights in autumn —winter season. Shoes at the foot, choose black or brown shoes, can take on a feeling of retro and stylish.


18.dark grey tights black dark grey shoes

Group 4: Black tights + black shoes


A lot of girls think that there's nothing you can't wear with black tights, but I can only say that this is one-sided, because black tights won't work with light-colored tops, which looks very abrupt and will make your figure out of proportion. In fact, black tights paired with a black/dark top is the best, including shoes. We do not have the capital of natural beauty, but we have the ability to change the fate, every beautiful and excellent woman is able to find their own clothes through efforts, to create their own charm.